This is a demo of the CRF-based name parser. Below are some examples of rare name forms. Overwhelmingly, most name forms are much simpler. Subsequent post-processing can be applied to these results to utilize additional dictionaries or rules. Click some samples below or type in the input box to try you own name tests. The immediate goal of this parser is to facilitate entity resolution. Subsequent improvement could yield presentation quality results for even very rare name forms.

This parser was created using my implementation of a boosted-tree CRF classifier based on methods developed by Thomas Dietterich described in the paper Training Conditional Random Fields via Gradient Tree Boosting. The code can be found here.

edmund g. brown, jr. , attorney general
maggie (margaret) lee
dean a. mazzone , special a.d.a
s. doug (doug) jones witt
bryan c. shartle - phv
stephen andrew zappala, jr., esq
marc e. turchin , deputy attorney general
hon. lance m. africk
vickie l. dawes , deputy county counsel
steven t. oetting , supervising dag
w. scott turnbull - inactive
porcher l'engle taylori ii
law offices of d.j. rausa
omayemi mac - jaja
l.charlene coggins-franks
christopher b hall- oath required
david w. m. conard, esq
john a o reilly jr
carl maria reinier van der zandt
david wade - phv
hon. william joseph kirby
lomax, john
johan robrecht hilde van den berge
joseph p. st. louis
phv jones molly m
george f. riess - phv
zeljka velic-dvorscak, llm
harvey ann m
preston oscar odom , iii
jay s. koplove , a.a.g
joseph lawrence o'brien, jr
oneida l'esperance
jaclyn j. 'jackie' gerban
barbara marie petit-homme memo
hon. jack e. espinosa jr.
c. zan turcotte - phv
thomas e goss , jr
frederic theodore 'ted' le clercq
hon. john kennedy stewart
bart anthony van der klooster
bernardo enrique de la rionda
stephania c denton not ed-ca admitted
adam simms , a.a.g
renee c. von gemmingen perko
william mcd. miller iii
benedict j del re jr
jeffie feakins ms.
ray e dr. g. cristobal antonio ray e seino
o'neil j. parenton, jr
charles a.i fitzpatrick ii
dr. bates
address unknown randall thomas duncan
joseph nicholas d'achille jr
david p. vial,ii
la-tasha china yuvonne terrell
laura lee rappe, laura lee